Hi guys!

My name is Tobi Sanni Akande. I am married to the best guy in the world and I have two amazing sons. After my husband, they are the second most important people in my life.

I have a degree in Biochemistry and knowledge of a bunch of other skills. At a time in my life, I fancied myself becoming a world-class bagmaker who would bring the attention of the world to Africa with my elegant bag pieces made from African prints. I pursued this for a while and then stopped – for a number of reasons. Prior to this, I had learned how to make outfits for men and women on a basic level. I ran with this for a while before I branched into bagmaking.

The funny thing is this: I was quite talented and with an investment into further educating myself, I would have become pretty great at it.

But I stopped.

I tried something else.

I chose to give room for expression to something I had always secretly (or not so secretly) yearned for.

I chose to start writing.

On the surface, it looked as though I was off on another hare-brained scheme which I would abandon in a few months’ time due to feelings of despondency and a willingness to give up.

But as I pursued this goal further, I realized something.

I love writing.

What’s more?

I love helping people with their writing. I love taking people’s beautiful ideas, tweaking them a bit (or a lot, as the case requires), and giving them back. I found that if I got someone who was willing to allow me, I would take their raw stories and turn them into masterpieces.

Did this mean that I stopped suffering despondencies?

No, it didn’t.

It just meant that when the despondencies came, I rode them out till they were spent, and returned to what I had chosen to do. When things were potentially discouraging and giving up seemed like the perfect solution, I found that I had more reasons not to give up. I found that I had more reasons to keep going on.

This is me; this is my story. It is still unfolding, but I would be honored if you opted to continue the journey with me.

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I want you to understand that my asking you to join my newsletter is not because I think I am someone so special that you would jump at the chance to always hear from me. It is because I couldn’t have made it to where I am today without the help of friends who constantly held me up when I went through the different stages of self-bashing and giving up.

I deeply appreciate the value of these amazing people and I would so love to be someone like that to you. If you feel that way too, then join my community, and let’s grow successful together.

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Sending you loads of love and light,

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