On Thursday, May 28, 2020, at 11:26 am, my family was blessed with a bouncing baby boy who came in at a healthy 2.82kg. After 37weeks and 4 days of pregnancy and all its idiosyncrasies, our bundle of joy was here!
It was a wonderful experience and at the same time, a novel one. I had him through a Caesarean Section. I had never had surgery before, so the experience was novel. Some parts of the procedure were hazy, but overall, my reaction to it was quite laughable.
I thought I had known all there was to know about having a CS until it was my turn. I remember educating my husband on its advantages while secretly laughing at him for his displays of anxiety.
I also remember feeling disgruntled anytime a nurse, friend, or family member told me not to be afraid or nervous. “I am fine! I am perfectly fine!!”, I wanted to yell at them all. Instead, “The next person that tells me to not be scared will get the full length of my tongue!”, I fumed.
Well, I got through the procedure well and then moved on to the recovery phase. That was the part that was horrible! Just horrible!
It never occurred to me that CS was surgery and that there would be a recovery process. That part of the story never seemed to make it out in the open.
It seemed as though those that went through it before me made a pact to keep things secret. It wasn’t until after I had gone through it that they started showing up and sharing their experiences. I was like where on earth were you when I was deciding to go through the process.

I think hospitals should take that part serious, especially for patients who have never had surgery before. If you are new to surgery like I was, click here to read what you need to know about preparing for it.

Anyways, I went through it and came out with a darling little boy who has brought so much joy to our lives.

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