Everyone has days where you feel like a good-for-nothing nobody. This article shows you how to get yourself motivated on days like that.

It was one of those rare nights where the stars aligned in my favor, and I was able to work in peace and quiet. I got up from my desk to look for an important document that I needed to complete a form I was filling online.

While going through my stuff, I stumbled upon a paper jacket holding a couple of old pictures – a sort of throwback, if you please. I opened the jacket and was confronted with pictures of me at a trade fair, marketing some craftwork I made.

  • How to get yourself motivated
  • How to get yourself motivated
  • How to get yourself motivated

It was a moment filled with a mix of nostalgia, chagrin at how I looked in the picture, and pride at what I had done with my two hands.

I made those beautiful bags out of African Prints and those footwear. I made them from scratch – I got the heels, filed them, made the in-soles and the outer jackets – and coupled them to make those beautiful footwear. I made them with my hands!!

Looking at those pictures, I said to myself, ‘Girl, your talent did not start today o! Just look at you! You were able to do these amazing things! My darling, there is little you cannot do! In fact, there is nothing you cannot do!!’

This is my story and how I got myself motivated to stop stopping and start making magic again.

Now, let’s talk about you.

Everyone has godawful days where nothing seems to go right.

You feel as though you can never get anything right; in fact, you feel as if you are not living at all, but just coasting – or more to the point, floating – along. You can barely summon the energy to get out of bed, talk less of having a productive day full of positivism and all that positive thinking crap. You just want to remain in bed with a bucket of ice cream and a bowl of popcorn. You don’t want to hear anything about work! Heck! You don’t even have an idea of what work is supposed to be!

Grim, right? Yes, I know. I have been there and back and there and back again and there….you get the gist.

Yewande Adekoya of Blue Wellness Consult has advice on how to get yourself motivated on days like that. She taught me that when you get to this point, you should push PAUSE, sit back, and take a deep breath.

I will add to this and say that while you are on PAUSE, take the time to look through the past. This is why you should keep records of your achievements as you make them. They will serve as fuel for you on those days that you feel blank and clueless. You can keep records either by journaling or, like in my case, having a picture of those memorable moments.

On the flip side of looking to the past is looking to the future.

Olajumoke Oyagbile of 1212 Clothings also had something to say about how to get yourself motivated on those days. She taught me that everybody has dreams – no matter how silly they may seem. Writing those dreams down gives you fuel for those days you need a reason to keep moving. Another way to do this is to have a vision board. While the pictures of your past accomplishments remind you of how awesome you are, your vision board brings to you how many more lands you want to conquer.

So, instead of looking back and cringing because of how old school you look, see what you accomplished with your amazing talents and press on toward the goals of creating even more amazing memories.
P.S: I don’t want to hear ‘Pim’ about how I look in those pictures.

Yours’ in the journey of becoming,

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