I have always wondered about this statement.

When people say it, it is usually from the angle of paying someone a compliment.

The context is usually that the person has been through a trying experience, and that the way he is looking at the moment does not reflect what he has been through.

Yet, I wondered.

If this statement holds true, how then do you explain what happens with gold?

Gold in its raw form is unattractive. There is usually nothing about it to attract it to the undiscerning eye. It is usually an expert in the mining and identifying of ores that is able to pick it apart from the other stones.

Then the gold goes through the fire of the refiner. At the end of the process, the gold reflects the fire, literally and figuratively. This is because while in the fire, all impurities in it are removed. When the refiner holds it up against the light, it glows, it reflects the light.

It has become the desirable element that people can safely invest their life savings in because they know that gold never loses its value.

The refiner’s fire is usually a highly uncomfortable process. I mean, heat as high as 1,0640C? Absofreakinglutely uncomfortable! Yet, it comes out better, purer, malleable and workable into loads of beautiful jewellery that people spend fortunes on.

My question thus is this:
If gold does not go through that process, will it ever attain the status of ‘MVP’? I think not!

So, when next someone tells you that you do not look like what you have been through, ask yourself, “Is that really true?”

I believe that even if you have gone through hell – trials by water or fire; those experiences have helped shape you into the person you are today.
You are a better and upgraded version of yourself!

So, how can you not look like what you have been through? You were in the refiner’s fire! And now, you are gold! Reflecting the light every time you are held up for the world to see!

You rock, mate!

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